Triangle Name Banner DIY

The time is NOW for custom party decor! In fact, party decorations are one of the number one purchased items on Etsy from crafty sellers. However, it’s really not hard to make some basic decor by yourself with few supplies. Granted, you may have to invest the first time in some essentials (I will list below), but in the end it’s worth it!


For your next birthday party, baby shower, or get together why not make your own triangle banner. I am going to show you how to make a basic one and you can let your creativity run wild from there! (I will list some additional ideas at the end).

You will need:

  • Triangle Banner Pre-cuts (I got mine at Hobby Lobby) OR 3-4 pieces of paper to cut your own
  • (1) Paper with design for letter back
  • (1) Solid Paper for letter front
  • Letter Stencils
  • Ribbon/thin twine
  • Glue
  • Pop Dots
  • Hole punch
  • Tiny sharp scissors OR x-acto knife
  • Page Trimmer OR Ruler and Scissors


I am a hyper organizer when it comes to crafting….so I always prep everything before I start (just like cooking), it makes the whole process A LOT smoother! So to begin, cut out your triangles (if you didn’t buy them pre-cut), lettering pattern back, and lettering pattern front. Here’s how you do that:

Based on the size of your lettering (mine are about 2″ letters), determine the size of the triangles. So, I recommend making the triangles 1″ longer then they are wide. ***Check letters like H, G, W, M etc., that tend to be wider at the bottom to make sure they don’t hang over the skinnier part of the triangle!***

For this project I used 4.5″ wide by 5.5″ long triangles. I was able to cut 4 out of each piece of paper. Here is exactly what I did:

  1. Cut a rectangle that is 4.5″ wide by 5.5″ long.
  2. Half of 4.5″ is 2.25″ – mark this spot.
  3. Cut from one upper corner to the marked middle point.
  4. Repeat from other upper corner.
  5. Punch holes in the two upper corners.
  6. Boom, you’ve got a triangle!


Next, use your lettering stencils, trace and cut all the letters you need (they will all be the same size at this point).


To achieve the layered look in the lettering, use your teeny tiny scissors to cut about 1/8″ from every edge of the SOLID letters. (Yes…including the very annoying triangular section in the middle of the “A”.) Based on the size of your lettering, or the look you are going for, the amount you cut off may vary but cut LESS first…you can always cut more off if you want the pattern paper to show more. When you are satisfied, glue the solid letter on top of the patterned letter and you have your layered look!


After all your letters are glued together, use pop dots to attached them to the triangles. I recommend everyone who does any paper craft have pop dots, they add just the right amount of depth to any project! If you don’t have them, just gluing the letters on will work fine of course.


Finally, cut two long pieces of ribbon (for the beginning and end), I cut mine to 15″. Then, cut ribbon for in between each letter, I cut 7″ to leave room for tying. This is also flexible based on how close or far apart you want your lettering. Keep in mind where the banner will be displayed and about how much room you would like it to cover where it will be hung. Tie each ribbon piece to each triangle and cut of the excess.

Hang it up and you are DONE!


Here are some additional ideas for party/decor triangle banners…hope y’all enjoy!

  • Birthday
  • Baby Shower
  • Welcome Home
  • Kids room/nursury name decor
  • Grand kids hand print banner
  • Anniversary
  • Fireplace Christmas decor
  • Moon Phases banner
  • Blank banner for people to sign – wedding, graducation, etc…

Keep craftin’!

Check out more creations here, at the Keystone Peach Etsy shop!


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