Dark Moon Intentions

Recently, I have become super intrigued by practices that increase the mind and body's overall balance and well-being. I'm talking yoga, meditation, mindfulness, crystal healing, ayurveda, cosmic energies, etc... It is a journey that has opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. This is how... Continue Reading →

Simple Handmade Card Ideas

In the digital age cards can get lost in the shuffle. But, lets be honest, a handmade card is much more personal! I was never a big scrapbooker or card maker. Anytime I did want to make a card I couldn't think of an idea. Over time though, I started getting the hang of it... Continue Reading →

Triangle Name Banner DIY

The time is NOW for custom party decor!┬áIn fact, party decorations are one of the number one purchased items on Etsy from crafty sellers. However, it's really not hard to make some basic decor by yourself with few supplies. Granted, you may have to invest the first time in some essentials (I will list below),... Continue Reading →

The Millennial Mother

So, part of my tag line lists me as a "millennial mother". Factually I cannot avoid this (being born in 1990) any more then one can avoid the color of their skin. However, up until lately, before the term millennial really became popular, I never considered myself part of a group per say. Short of... Continue Reading →

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